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Hydra is currently not recruiting.
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Welcome to Hydra, an Alliance guild on the Dawnbringer US server. We are a hybrid social/raiding guild with a friendly atmosphere and a strong will to succeed at whatever content we attempt, without sacrificing the fun of the game. We are not currently recruiting any classes for raiding but are always interested in compatible people, levels 70+, please. Alts of main characters are welcome.

Our leadership team has raiding experience spanning from Vanilla WoW all the way through to current content, including Naxx, OS, and VoA. We are looking for solid new players who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty working hard for new progression. Gear is not an issue, but attitude is everything. Whether you are a new raider or whether you have been around the block a few times, we expect you to put in what you want out of your guild experience, and that includes both raiding and the social aspect.

If you need more information about our group, please check out the public forums, or feel free to contact any guild officer for more detailed information.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you in game!

Other Guild News

ICC10 5/12

devoutoverlord, Feb 17, 10 12:52 PM.
After many weeks of Attempts Hydra's Finally gotten Festergut down in ICC10
Congratulations to all that attended. As well on other news the pipes are fixed and the slime is flowing again.

ToGC10 1/5

Eberion, Jan 31, 10 1:35 PM.
The Grand Crusade's Icehowl finally meets his match at our hands and his little Magnataur and Worm friends too! Talk to Keg if you are looking to have a pair of Saranite Swordbreakers made!

First Wing of ICC clear and work progressing

Feelorn, Jan 17, 10 3:13 AM.
We've been clearing the first wing of ICC fairly regularly for the past couple weeks and working towards the plagueworks.  YAY FUN!


Maireya, Dec 16, 09 11:42 PM.
First two bosses down in Icecrown on out first night! Great job, everyone!

TotC 5/5, Ulduar 12/14

Maireya, Nov 29, 09 1:15 PM.
Yeah so sometime we killed Vezax on 10, and TotC is clear on 10, and I am fail and forget to say so!
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